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  • When and how will I be billed for the SHIP?
    The insurance premium for one semester of coverage will be billed to your student account along with Fall/Spring invoices, and will be due on the published due date.  Your invoice will include a special message regarding the billing for the insurance if you are enrolled in coverage.
  • When is the premium due?
    The premium is due at the published due date for Fall/Spring invoices along with your charges for tuition, room and/or meals.
  • I waived out of the SHIP. Why am I still seeing it on my student account?
    You are allowed to waive the SHIP as long as you have another plan with comparable or better coverage.  If you are seeing the SHIP charge on your account, it is possible that your alternate health plan did not satisfy the minimum standards, there could have been a fault in processing your waiver due to lack of information, or there is a delay in removing the charges.  Please check your email account for a confirmation email of waiver acceptance from the insurance provider.  If you cannot confirm your insurance has been waived, please contact Tim Cummons at for further assistance.  Once waived, the charges will be removed within 30 days.  You are not responsible to pay the premium if you have successfully waived coverage.
  • Can I use my 529 Plan to pay for student health insurance?
    The terms of 529 Plans can vary.  You will need to contact your plan provider to get detailed information about your approved expenses.
  • Why is there a hold on my student account?
    hold is placed on your student account for a multitude of reasons including a past due balance or missing mandatory information.  Insurance premiums not paid by the due date will generate a hold as they become a past due balance.
  • Can I get additional aid to pay for my insurance?

    Domestic full-time undergraduate students who are receiving need-based financial aid from the University of Richmond may qualify for additional funding for health insurance.  These students should have maximized their use of Federal Direct Student Loans and have no other options for health insurance coverage.  Domestic students meeting these requirements may submit a petition to the Office of Financial Aid to be considered for additional University financial assistance to pay for health insurance.  Other students, to include: those who have not maximized their Federal Direct Student Loans, law, graduate, and part-time students, may qualify for additional student loans to pay for health insurance. 

    Please contact the Office of Financial Aid to submit an appeal or discuss your loan options at or (804) 289-8438.  Appeals should include an explanation of why you need additional funding and the reason you are not covered by another plan.