Domestic Students

Domestic students are enrolled in the SHIP on a hard waiver basis.  Domestic students are students who are U.S. Citizens, Dual Citizens of the U.S. and another country, or U.S. Permanent Residents.  This means that each academic year, domestic students are required to either enroll in the SHIP or waive the SHIP by demonstrating comparable insurance coverage.  To waive coverage, please review your current health insurance plan to be sure that you have comparable coverage based on the University's waiver criteria.

IMPORTANT:  If you do not take action to enroll in or waive the SHIP prior to the deadline, you will be automatically enrolled into the insurance plan and the semester rate will remain on your student account.


Waiver Criteria

You will be asked these questions when you go online to waive the University's Student Health Insurance Plan.  Both answers must be 'yes' or your request to waive will be denied.

  1. My plan is currently active and I agree to maintain health insurance coverage throughout the entire academic year.
  2. My plan covers inpatient and outpatient care in the Richmond area.

In addition, you will be asked to certify the type of health insurance plan you have (HMO, PPO, Medicaid, or Tricare), and must provide information from your insurance ID card.


Medicaid and HMO Plans

Be certain that your plan benefits extend to the state of Virginia.

  • For those students enrolled in state Medicaid plans outside of Virginia, we strongly recommend that you also enroll in the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan to ensure that you have coverage for healthcare needs when you are away from home. Please contact Financial Aid if you need assistance with the premium cost.
  • For those students enrolled in HMO plans, we strongly recommend that you check with your insurance provider to ensure continued health insurance coverage while at the University of Richmond. Some HMOs offer guest membership plans which provide healthcare benefits to continue at the same level when away from home. Please contact your HMO insurance provider to determine if this option is available. There usually is no additional charge for this type of program.


Important Notice Regarding Waivers

If you submit proof of other health insurance after the waiver deadline, you will only be eligible for a partial refund based on the number of days coverage was in effect.

To avoid incurring unnecessary health insurance costs, it is crucial to waive your coverage by the deadline. This ensures that you can receive a full refund of the health insurance fee.


Studying Abroad?

Students studying abroad on a UR-sponsored semester or year program are not required to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) while abroad since the SHIP is a U.S. based healthcare plan.  All Richmond students participating in a UR program abroad are covered for unexpected injury or illness by UR Travel, Accident & Sickness Insurance

Note: U.S. students may choose to continue their SHIP coverage while abroad for personal reasons.

Students who stop the SHIP while abroad but return to the United States before the SHIP begins for the next semester may experience a coverage gap.

Students are strongly advised to contact Tim Cummons at RCM&D ( or 1-800-346-4075) prior to leaving for their semester or year abroad to review the impact of cancelling their SHIP and discuss coverage options.